Nathan Detroit

by Nathan Detroit

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Jamie Reeve - Vocals
Elliot Sykes - Guitar, Vocals
Toby Wrobel - Drums, Percussion
Callan Milward - Guitar
Kye Oxley - Bass


released January 13, 2013

Recorded and produced by Neil Kennedy @ The Ranch. Nursling, Southampton



all rights reserved


Nathan Detroit Wiltshire, UK

"Peace Of Mind" EP out NOW on Saint November Records

Twitter - @NathanDetroitUK

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Track Name: Hold On Tight
I'm in a room, I used to know well
posters from when I was young torn down
I want them back up again
to make me feel young again

And I didn't know, that my head could be
in so many places at once and to feel
as strong as you needed me
when all that I need is to sleep and I know
I want to feel young again

You've been where I am
and it's the most difficult thing in the world
I want you to hold this up but you're losing grip of
everything in your own hands

Counting down days, until you get a lift
to feel the old sun on your face and to think
that I feel alright again and I'm happy
with everything that you said, now I feel young again

Hold on tight, you're still my old man
Track Name: 17
It's been three years since he met Rose
seeing this town ever changing
must have kept them ever close
they won't shove it in your face because
they don't care who doesn't know

How can you forget
being 17 and lost in your own head
need something more than a quick fix
more than a friend, more than a friend

Through every change we stay close

They won't shove it in your face
they don't care who doesn't know

All I have to go by is the last three years
and all I need to know is this

Lyrics by Elliot Sykes
Track Name: Come Home
I'm over-thinking, reading into everything
but signals show me something else
how long have I been here
I just can't see my own reflection any more

Where they the words that came out of your mouth?
I'm wishing they were

I'm waiting for you to come home
I'll wait here forever,
and the fire makes it worth it,
but the acoustics are perfect and I'm not so sure
of where I was and where I'm coming from
and I'm lost in your eyes temporarily

These nights all start the same way,
nothingness begins
This is what I always wanted,
you so close to me
With our weight,
like I've never seen
Taken off and thrown away (off and thrown away)

Open hands and listen

And I'm waiting for you to come home
sick of spending these nights all alone
so I'm waiting for you to come home

Lyrics by Jamie Reeve and Elliot Sykes