by Nathan Detroit

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Jamie Reeve - Vocals
Elliot Sykes - Guitar, Vocals
Toby Wrobel - Drums, Percussion
Kye Oxley - Bass


released June 10, 2012

Tracks 1 and 2 Recorded and produced by Neil Kennedy @ The Ranch. Nursling, Southampton.

Track 3 Recorded and produced by Dominic Bailey
@ Nine Volt Leap. Melksham, Wilshire.



all rights reserved


Nathan Detroit Wiltshire, UK

"Peace Of Mind" EP out NOW on Saint November Records

Twitter - @NathanDetroitUK

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Track Name: Milestone
Take me for another ride
for 100,000 miles
a single drop of doubt can
shake these walls to pieces

Be careful what you wish for
Be sure to make the best of
every minute (every minute)

Surviving each day I know it's a privilege

Let the worry fade away
It's something I can ignore

Much to bored to care about it
or return to, see your ending

Girl you're a problem
A weight round my neck it seems
You make me feel older than I really
need to feel right now that I'm old enough
to live without you

100,000 miles
I've still got miles to go

I've still got miles to go
where do you see yourself in
the next 5 years or so?
I don't know
watch all the times we've had
and things we've shared
float out the window
and it's such a joke.
Track Name: Hindsight
All the anxious faces
desperately selfless
only doing what we thought was best

Sometimes we get it
sometimes we don't

Still we break our own hearts
all for the sake of
cause nothing in life
is always easier than making a change

And when the night gets cold
it starts to feel so old

And now I'm feeling like I miss you more

I'm feeling like a miss you more
than I do in the back of my mind

So think what you like

I won't get sucked into games that you play
Track Name: What She Said (bonus demo)
Sat in a car outside gazing at the lights
My only wish to live a normal life
And stare at the moon
To share it with you
In this town I can't live how I want to
I've got my heart set on something that I don't need
I think she's changing me
Please do the same
I've got to cover my eyes from the light that's blinding the world

She took my sense and reason too
While I do this to you

I took the long way back
And thought about your face on every step

Falling faster than I ever thought I would
I ever thought I could

I'm doing the best that I can to find it or nothing at all

Spent my whole life looking for it
Shut my eyes and let you in

I'm doing my best to find it or nothing at all

Lyrics by Jamie Reeve ft. Elliot Sykes